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Our Panorama Series Just Got Better

Finishing options to complement any decor.

The BI-40-XTSLIM Mantel Surround!

Finishing Options to Compliment Any Decor

Our Panorama series just got better with the addition of the BI-40-XTRASLIM Mantel-Surround.

Amantii’s newest line of birch wood mantel-surrounds bring the beauty of the genuine birch wood into any space. With four nature inspired colors to choose from, there is a perfect mantel / surround for any space in your home, business or commercial setting. 

All our mantel – surrounds have been crafted from birch wood with a paint wash application reflective of the variety of colors found in a birch tree forest.



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    Mantel Installation Guide – pdf – CLICK HERE

    Mantel Installation Guide – powerpoint – CLICK HERE

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